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Services / Products

Custom Wheelbuilds

Labor Only - $150 per wheel (includes spoke prep, truing, tensions).  Customer to provide all materials, (I will not be responsible for verification of fitment/sizing of any and all components)

Complete Wheelsets - complete builds start at $600+.  I can procure any and all major wheel manufacturer parts.  Please contact for specific build requirements and pricing.



Want to make your new rig all matchy matchy?  We also offer custom anodization services for your aluminum components. 

You will need to provide a sample piece that the rest of the parts are to be color matched to. 

All parts to be anodized must be sent disassembled. 


We also provide Cerakote services...almost any and all metals can be cerakoted. 

Minimum charge for a full set of components to be anodized or cerakoted is $120.  Contact for details.


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